DivvilEd is a feature-rich, compact, adaptive WYSIWYG editor.

Why would you want to use DivvilEd rather than CKEditor, which has more features and a plug-in system?

For most purposes you might not, but if you have considered CKEditor and it is not for you, DivvilEd offers some advantages:
  • It is simpler and may be easier to customize.
  • It is much more lightweight, at under 15kb compressed it is less than 5% the size of CKEditor.
  • DivvilEd is 100% © Divvil and has flexible licensing possibilities.
  • DivvilEd may already have the features that you actually need.
Main features:
  • Works in recent versions of all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, MSIE and Safari, including mobile).
  • Fully adaptive - both the editor itself and the generated content.
  • Text styling and lists.
  • Links are created as you type them or can be applied to text.
  • Multi-level quoting of text such as for a message board.
  • Image upload (requires server-side support).
  • Embed YouTube videos.

Interested in DivvilEd? Contact Divvil about licensing and quotes for customization.
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